Who are we?


Rabat will host from November 17 to 20, 2021 artists and cultural actors from all over the world during the 8th edition of Visa For Music, an event that has become, over the years, the essential meeting place for music from Africa and the Middle East. After a 2020 edition entirely produced on digital, in a concern of resilience because of the sanitary crisis, this edition will be conceived as a new breath of freshness for the music industry and its actors.

At the heart of our missions, this edition wishes to participate in strengthening the role of Morocco as a locomotive in this sector at a time when the United Nations and the African Union put the importance of culture and the development of the music sector at the heart of their concerns for the year 2021.

It is thanks to the synergy between all its stakeholders, artists, public, producers, institutions, and partner companies, that the cultural ecosystem, of which Visa For Music wants to be a modest actor, will be able to find a virtuous and sustainable economic model, in order to promote music from Africa and the Middle East.

Brahim El Mazned


Highlighting the continent’s artistic creation

On the one hand, the presence of artistic dynamism and extremely rich musical creation in Africa and the Middle East. On the other hand, the lack of visibility of artists and music professionals internationally. The presence of the Middle East and Africa in the world music market could be more important but it lacks a springboard to export itself throughout the world.

Visa For Music’s main missions are to showcase and promote the artistic musical creation of Africa and the Middle East to Europe and Northern markets, to encourage artistic mobility and to participate in the development of cultural industries in these regions.

Responding to export issues

Visa For Music was created to give a new lease of life to the African music industry.

The artistic and cultural potential is remarkably rich but very little exploited on the continent. Adapted professional structures are lacking, which pushes artists to go abroad, especially to Northern countries. As a result, African countries do not benefit enough from the economic spin-offs of their artists, to the benefit of the European and North American economies.

Visa For Music’s mission is to participate in the structuring and professionalization of the music sector by strengthening the capacities of artists and cultural actors in Morocco and more broadly on the continent.


Strengthening cultural diplomacy and the visibility of Morocco

Thanks to this four-day trade show, which brings together every year professionals in the sector, Visa For Music actively works to increase the visibility of its musical aesthetics and promotes the image of a plural, strong and culturally rich Morocco.

Visa For Music’s mission is to work for the development of cultural industries and the country’s image abroad.


 Participating in sustainable cultural development, encouraging youth and building capacity

The main missions of Visa For Music are part of a global reflection on cultural rights in a perspective of sustainable cultural development. Visa For Music’s ambition is to participate in the professionalisation and structuring of the music and cultural sector in general and to contribute to the generation of direct and indirect employment.

Visa For Music’s mission is to support the actors of change by setting up workshops and training courses in order to give them the tools they need to develop their activities.


  • Artists, Moroccan and international
  • Music industry professionals
  • Public institutions, local, regional and international communities and governments
  • Cultural operators in civil society, particularly in the music sector
  • Young people, in training or wishing to gain work experience
  • Companies wishing to get involved in the economic, social and cultural development of their country
  • Music lovers