Visa For MusicThe Pan-African crossroads of cultural professionals

The Market

Created in 2014, Visa For Music is the 1st festival of music of Africa and the Middle East, including a professional market promoting the development and strengthening of the network of professionals in the regions concerned with international networks.


Visa For Music is the essential crossroads for the development of the African cultural industries.


Artists and professionals of the cultural sector from 5 continents meet at each edition during conferences, speed meetings, training, and workshops. It is an opportunity for them to expose their artistic projects, create partnership opportunities and establish new links.

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The professionals

Professionals of the cultural sector from the 5 continents meet at each edition to reinforce and develop their network, expose their projects and companies, and meet new artists.

The activities of the pro market


To allow artists, their agents and all professionals to present themselves and to make contact with each other, speed-meetings take place during Visa For Music. These 5-minute mini-meetings are another opportunity for networking and allow artists to present their projects and establish lasting contacts.




At the heart of Visa for Music, the expostand welcomes for four days a hundred exhibitors who benefit from the visibility offered by the exhibition space. It’s a meeting place, which facilitates professional exchanges and a vibrant crossroads of energy animated by acoustic sessions or live shows.


Exhibitors per edition

Conferences and round Tables

Conferences and round tables are organized to initiate reflections on common or territory-specific issues and to debate and exchange, to learn from and be inspired by the practices of other countries.


Conferences organized on the subjects of culture


Speaker per edition

Professional training and workshops

Workshops and professional training are organized for artists and professionals to give them the necessary tools to develop their activities. These workshops and training also allow participants to make new contacts and expand their network.


Workshops organized on the cultural professions

What IMPACT? > Develop the professional skills of young people

The cultural and creative industries represent a proven potential for wealth creation and employment, a sector that attracts more women and youth.