Visa For Musicthe event that brings together music lovers

1st Festival, and professional market, of African and Middle Eastern music

The festival’s stage features emerging artists from the African and Middle Eastern music scene and renowned artists for the enjoyment of our passionate audiences.

Visa For Music’s mission is to discover new talents and give them a showcase to international cultural professionals to foster partnerships.

1.5 M






Vibrate to the rhythm of the festival

Visa For Music 2021

VFM 2021, Hybrid edition


  • Ministère de la Culture
  • Fondation Hiba
  • Atlas Azawan
  • Anya


  • CNDH
  • Africa No Filter
  • Sacem
  • Ambassade de France au Maroc
  • Institut Français
  • Wallonie
  • Bureau Marocain du Droit d’Auteur
  • Playing For Change Foundation

Partenaires médias

  • MAP
  • Hit Radio
  • Radio Azawan
  • 2M
  • 2M Radio
  • Medi1 Radio
  • Medi1TV
  • SNRT
  • Medias 24
  • Info Médiaire
  • Le Site Info
  • Hespress
  • Le Matin